Starting A Game

So you're ready to begin playing games in class! Great! Starting a game session is easy.


Open the Game Session

When you are ready for your students to connect to MobLab, click the red Run Game button on the first game you want to play. 

A pop-up will appear telling you it is time for players to join. Your game session is now open and students will see your Playlist name in their available sessions on the student console or in the mobile app. If students have logged in prior to you pressing the Run Game button, they may need to refresh their apps or browsers. 

Note that if students have already joined your class, they will not need to enter the Join Code again. 


Starting the First Game

When you're ready to start the game, press the red Begin the Game! button. To see who has connected so far, press the View Active Users button. If you have changed your mind and don't want to start the game yet, press the Cancel button. Your game session will remain open to students, even if you press the Cancel button, but no game will be played.


Starting Subsequent Games

When you are ready to play the next game, students do not need to reconnect. Their game screen will refresh automatically as long as they remain connected. Simply press the Run Game button followed by the Begin the Game! button. 

If you no longer want to see the Almost Ready pop-up, check the "Don't show again for this session" box.


Closing the Game Session

Your game session will remain open to students for up to one hour after the last game has been played. You cannot close a game session manually.

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