Student Scoreboard & Lottery

The Scoreboard

After finishing the game, you will be able to review the Scoreboard. Click on the Scoreboard button to open the game scoreboard. 


The scoreboard ranks participants based on their payoffs in that game. The student who received the highest payoff is ranked first and lowest will be last. To reveal the students behind the ranking, click the ‘Show’ button. This will reveal the student’s name on the scoreboard. To reveal all names in the class and their rankings, click on the column name ‘SHOW ALL’.  



You can also run a lottery based on student scores. This is helpful if you want to randomly pick a student to win a prize or extra credit. Once the scoreboard appears, click the ‘Lottery’ tab at the top of the window. Enter a number in the text box labeled ‘# of Picks’. This is the number of students who will be chosen as lottery winners.


The draws are chosen based on a points-based weighting scheme that is related to a student’s ranking. For instance, suppose a class has 40 students. The student with the highest rank gets 40 points, and the student with the lowest rank gets 1 point. This gives students who have a higher payoff a greater chance of winning when the lottery draw occurs.

Click ‘Draw’ to select the lottery winners. The names of the lottery winners and their role in the game will be displayed on the screen after you select ‘Draw’, along with their original ranking in the scoreboard.

Playlist-level Scoreboard and Lottery

The Scoreboard and Lottery are also available at the Playlist-level, meaning they take into account all the games completed in a Playlist.

View Score.png

To view the Playlist-level Scoreboard or Lottery, click on the menu icon next to the Playlist of interest.

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