Multi-Column Grading in Canvas

Before jumping into the multi-column grading feature we offer when integrating MobLab with Canvas, be sure to first link your class through LTI: Canvas LTI Integration 


Create Your Gradebook

Once your class is linked, log into your MobLab account, click on your Class Name and choose the option More.


Click the button Send Grades to LMS. If the Send Grades to LMS button is not available, please contact a MobLab Rep to ensure your class is linked properly.


When your Gradebook is opened for the first time, a Participation Column is created. Proceed to create this column in Canvas by clicking the Sync with LMS button.


When Syncing with LMS for the first time, you will need to verify your Canvas account. Follow the prompts to login to Canvas and grant MobLab access to your course. 


After verifying your Canvas account, select the MobLab class you wish to link to your Gradebook. 


A blue notification will appear that grades have been sent to your learning management system. Verify grades have been sent to Canvas.



Customize Your Gradebook

Use the Customize Tab to add or edit columns on your gradebook. When you are done customizing your gradebook, click the Sync with LMS button to make sure any changes made in MobLab are captured in your Canvas Gradebook.



Different Types of Grading

When adding or customizing a column, you can choose what type of grade you want to use in that column: participation, borda points, or payoff. Below are explanations of the different options: 



When you first create your Gradebook, a participation score is added automatically. This is a 0% -100% score. For example, if a student has completed 3/5 games and surveys run, the student would have a 60% participation score. 

Borda Points

In some cases, i.e. to incentivize game play or offer extra credit, it is helpful to normalize student game scores. The borda points will rank students from highest to lowest based on their scores in the game. Students that are tied earn the highest rate. Ex. If students in the game earn 22, 26, 22, and 20 points, these students will get, 3, 4, 3, and 1 borda points. For more details on Borda Points, please see the article on Normalizing Scores Across Games.


Payoff is a great measure for accuracy in surveys or quizzes. By default, survey questions are worth 10 points. This can be edited per question in the instructor console. Payoff points per game differs. Review how we calculate payoff in the student instructions of each game.

Session Grouping: Standard vs. Unique Activity Names

You can choose two types of grouping methods for your activities. Standard grouping will count all games within a created column. Unique Activity Names grouping will count activities of the same name as one session. This is ideal for classes with multiple sections running the same activities.




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