Joining an Active Session

Once you have an account and have joined your instructor's class, you are ready to play some games! But how?

When your instructor announces it is time to play a MobLab game or complete a Survey, get out your device and log into your account. Available activities will appear as cards in the Active Sessions section of the student console.  Click Join on a session card to participate.


If there are no active sessions, you may need to wait for your instructor to activate the playlist. Be sure to refresh the student console if you notice others are joining successfully.

If you are on a mobile device, pull down on the screen to refresh the Active Sessions list.



If you are playing multiple games, there is no need to exit the session. Keep your device logged in and joined in the session. You will automatically receive updates when a new game or survey has started. 

If you find your device has stopped updating, simply refresh the browser or close your app and restart it. You may need to log back in and re-join the session. No need to worry, we keep your place in the game so you should have no issues in case you need to re-join.


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