Textbook-Based Game Guides

With over 60 games, it can be overwhelming to know which games are right for your course. So we've put together textbook-based game guides to help save you time.

Be sure to also check out our course-based game guides as well as our complete game list.

Or if you don't see something that fits your course, please send us your syllabus at support@moblab.com. We will make recommendations specifically for your course.


Principles of Microeconomics

Economics by D. Karlan and J. Morduch

Economics by P. Krugman and R. Wells

Modern Principles of Economics by T. Cowen and A. Tabarrok

Economics by E. Chiang

Principles of Economics by G. Mankiw

Economics: Principles, Problems, and Policies by C. McConnell, S. Brue, and S. Flynn

Economics by G. Hubbard and A. O'Brien

Economics by A. O'Sullivan, S. Sheffrin, and S. Perez



Intermediate Microeconomics

Microeconomics and Behavior by R. Frank

Microeconomics by A. Goolsbee, S. Levitt, and C. Syverson

Microeconomics by R. Pindyck and D. Rubinfeld

Intermediate Microeconomics by H. Varian

Other Courses

Managerial Economics by W. Samuelson and Marks


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