Creating Playlists & Activities

For most online classes, students should be able to play through MobLab games and surveys at a time that is most convenient for them. This means activities have to be set up so students can participate asynchronously.

To do this in MobLab, each activity will need its own playlist. Name the playlists so that the intended order makes sense to the students. For example, if you want to run a pre-game quiz, a game, and a post-game quiz, name the playlists like:


This makes it very clear for students in which order they should access the different playlists.

On each playlist, add one activity - either a game or a survey. Set that activity's duration to run for some number of hours. 48-72 hours is most desirable to keep students from procrastinating too much, but allowing flexibility. 

For games, be sure the 'All Play Only Robots' is checked. This ensures students won't have to wait for their colleagues to play a game.  

Finally, for certain games, it is important to double check the Round or Period Duration so the game will automatically progress after so many minutes.

When all your activities are set up - it's time to schedule them to begin and share the game instructions with students. 

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