Late or Dropped Students

Sometimes students show up late or will leave a game unexpectedly.

Late Students

Students can join a game even after the game has already started. If there is a partially filled group, the late student will be put into that group. If all groups are full, the student will be put into their own group. You can add robots to any partially filled group when you're reasonably certain no more students will join late.

Dropped Students

Sometimes, students accidentally or unintentionally leave a game. Students might leave a game because their device runs out of battery, there is a poor wifi-connection, or there is some other unexpected interruption. Luckily, students can return to the game and continue playing after leaving a game. 
However, the game duration will still be counting down. If a student does not rejoin before a game has finished they will not be able to submit their decisions or moves. The player must submit a move within the allotted time to avoid forfeiting the game. 
If a student drops out during a game and does not rejoin, the player's absence will be reflected in the data. Typically, ‘-1′, ‘N/A’, or a missing entry is used as an indicator for inaction in the data. 
  1. If the game is a two-player game (sequential or simultaneous), the game is considered forfeit since actions by one or both players were never taken. This will be reflected in the data export.
  2. If the game is a simultaneous multi-player game, the player will be considered a forfeiter. This is because the game progression does not rely on that one person’s actions. Their data will be reflected in the export.
  3. If the game is a sequential multi-player game, to improve the experience of the students playing, their is a default move defined which will be executed when the timer comes to an end. Students are not informed about this in the instructions. The game data will reflect this in the export by showing "NaN:NaN" in the Move Time (ms) column.


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