How Students Join & Play

Getting students ready to play is easy:
1. Students should Register with MobLab.
Students go to and sign up for a student account. To facilitate record keeping, we recommend that students use their university email addresses and complete our student email verification step. To subsequently access the Student Console, they can log in at 
2. Students need to Join Your Class.
In either a browser or the MobLab app, students have to enter your Class Code to access your class. Below is an example of the Student Console. First, they have to press the + button to join a new class. Then, they'll see a pop-up (below) where they can enter your class code. (Directions on how to find your class code.) 
Depending on the license used to create your class, your students may be prompted for payment.
3. What do they need to Participate? 
To participate in MobLab games, students need an internet-connected device. Laptop users can use any browser, but we strongly recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Students using a mobile device (iOS - both iPhone or iPad or Android) must use the MobLab app downloadable from the device’s app store. They should not try to play MobLab games through the browser on the mobile device. 
Here is the list of supported devices for students: Supported Devices & Browsers
4. Playing Games!
When you're ready, instruct your students to access the Student Console either by browser or on their mobile device. Students will see your class session if you have already started it. If not, they can wait for you to start the session and click the refresh button. Once the session is visible, they can click the session name to join.
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