Share Your Class

Two or more instructors can run games in the same class by sharing a class. This feature is useful for courses with multiple instructors or for classes with teaching assistants. 

To share a class with another user, click the Class menu dropdown and select Share.  

The Class Sharing pop-up will appear. Enter the MobLab username/email address of the person you want to share your MobLab class with and press Share. A notification email will be sent to the email entered. At this point, you will have shared access to your class. 

Your co-instructor now has read-and-write access to your class. They can add, run, and delete games, surveys, and students from the class. However, they will not be able to share your class with any other MobLab users.  

Important: The person you are sharing with must also have a MobLab instructor account. If a TA's account needs to be upgraded from a student to an instructor account, please contact

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