Replay Options

MobLab games are so fun, sometimes you want to play them over and over again!

There are two ways to repeat a game: Copy and Replay. Here we will explain some subtle but important differences.


Copying a game creates a new game with the same configurations. If students got left out of a previous game, and you want them to participate this time around, copying is the way to go. To copy a game, click the Copy button from a game in the center panel.


An identical game item will be created at the bottom of the Playlist. At this point, you can still make changes to or tweak the configuration at your discretion. When you're ready to play the game game again, just press Run Game!



After playing your first game, you will notice the right-most button changes from Run Game to Relay. Clicking Replay dropdown reveals a list of replay options. By selecting one of the matching options (Random, Fixed, Fixed Role only, Fixed Partner, or Rotate Role only) a new, identical game will be created. Before the new game begins, you will have a chance to modify the game configuration, such as reducing the game duration, or making some change to the game parameters.





A game can be replayed with the following options: Random, Fixed, Fixed Role, Rotate Role, or Fixed Partner. To learn more about the matching options, review our article on Matching.


Because the player matching is important to a replayed game, new players can only join new groups in a replayed game. If new students will be joining the game, consider using Copy instead.



To replay a game, click Replay Options from a played game in the center panel (shown above). The game must already have been played to be replayed.

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