Demo Games & Surveys

A great way to learn about our games & surveys is to actual play them! There are two ways to play through our games from within the instructor console: Demo and Preview.
What's the difference? When you demo a game or survey, you play with the default parameters. When you preview a game or survey, you have the option of changing the game parameters or survey questions and previewing how those changes affected the student user interface. When you preview, you first have to add the game or survey to your playlist. View our article on how to Preview a Game.

How to Demo Games

You can Demo games with the default settings before adding them to your playlist. To see a demo, hover over the game and click on the Demo button. 
This will launch our default version of the game with some robotic players and allow you to interact with the game as if you're a student. 
When you're done playing, click the End Game button at the top of the screen.
At this point you can click View Results to see the data you generated in this demo game. A new window containing the game results summary will pop-up. You may have to disable your popup blocker. 
Click the X in the top-right corner to return to the instructor console.
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