Group Size and Robot Players

One of the most powerful features of MobLab games is the automatic grouping of players.

Group Size

Players are grouped based on the Group Size parameter. When a game begins, players are added one-by-one to a single group as they join. Once a group is full (the number of players in the group is equal to the group size), a new group will be opened. 

Games with No Group Size

There are some games where the parameter Group Size is not available. These are two-player games, where the group size is fixed. These games areMatrix, Rock Paper Scissors, Matching Pennies, Prisoner’s Dilemma, Bargaining, Ultimatum, Trust, Market for Lemons, and Election, for example. 

Robot Players

Robot players can be added to any unfulfilled group. Students will not know that they are playing against robot players unless you tell them.


Students can also play exclusively against robots, which can be useful for online classes or when using games outside of class. To find out more about playing games outside of class, please read our article on Online Classes and MobLab.

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