Access Game Results

When a game has finished, you can access and share the game data with students to help deliver the learning objectives. Game results are available in a raw format or a summary format. 

Accessing Game Results

To access the game results summary on a finished game, open the game panel and press the Results button. A pop-up with the summarized game results will appear.

To access the game data in a raw format (.csv), click the Download dropdown and select the Data option. 

access result.png

The summarized and raw game data will be anonymous. To link game data to participants, click the Download dropdown and select the Participants option. 


Share Results with Students 

Projecting the summary results for your class depends on the equipment available to you in your classroom. One option is to extend your desktop and drag the summary pop-out window over to the projector monitor. Another option is that you can duplicate (or "Mirror") your desktop with the projector monitor. However – be careful with this last option, as you could accidentally share information with the students that you don’t want to – such as who earned what, upcoming games, or the scores on last week's midterm! 


Showing Multiple Summaries

If you want to show multiple game summaries at the same time, simply click the Results button for each game you want to show. Each summary will have their own pop-up window. 


Game Results Summary is Not Showing Up

Check to make sure your pop-up blockers are not turned on. If they are, unblock pop-ups for our website. Then press Results again. If your pop-up blocker is turned off and you are still having issues let us know

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