Tracking Student Performance

Students' performance is based on student earnings in each game. You can view student performance on three different levels:
This is the students' performance for a specific game. Find game-level performance data by clicking to the Download dropdown on the game panel and selecting Participants.
This is the students' performance for any games played within a playlist. Find playlist-level performance data by clicking the Menu dropdown and selecting the Download Performance option.
You can also click on the Playlist Info button next to the playlist name. This will produce a pop-up that shows the student rankings for the session as well as which students are still connected to your Playlist.
This is the students' performance for all games played within a class. Find the class-level performance data by clicking on your Class Name dropdown, selecting More... and choosing Download Performance. This will report not only students' cumulative earnings, but also the number of games in which a student participated. 
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