Pre-Game Instructions

Prior to playing a MobLab game, it is important to give students instructions on the game. This article shows how you may use MobLab pre-game instructions for synchronous live sessions as well as for asynchronous online assignments.


Pre-Game Instructions for Live Experiments

For all of our games, we provide student instructions that you can use in class or send to students before class. To find student instructions, first add the game to your playlist. Then select the Instructions link along the right side of the game panel.

You'll get a pop-up with student instructions. You can send the URL at the top of the pop-up to your students for them to review the instructions before class. You can also project these instructions or play the video in class to review the game before playing. 

If you're unable to view student instructions, make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.


Pre-Game Instructions in Online Assignments

As you structure an Online Assignment, keep in mind that students will complete the activities in the order that they appear on your instructor console. Therefore it can be useful to add a pre-game survey with instructions before each game. Below is a sample Online Assignment playlist.


You may either insert the URL link to the pop-up mentioned in the section above into the text field (step 3 below) or embed video instructions into the question (steps 4 and 5 below). See the steps below:


  1. Add a blank survey from the library before the game activity. By default, it will contain an informational question type as a placeholder.

  2. Rename the placeholder to something more descriptive, e.g. "Pre-Game Instructions".

  3. Write something meaningful into the text field (and/or add a link to the pop up with game instructions).

  4. Under Additional Media, select Video.

  5. Insert a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video of your own or to one of our pre-recorded instruction videos. The links to our instruction videos on YouTube can be found here. Note that we do not have video instructions available for all games.

As a result, students will first be prompted to watch the video instructions before playing the game.


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