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At MobLab, we know that diving into the world of economics can sometimes feel like navigating a complex maze. That's why we've crafted a delightful array of interactive games and insightful surveys, all designed to make these complexities a bit more fun and a lot more understandable. Whether it's market simulations that bring theories to life or behavioral experiments that reveal the human side of economics, our library is a treasure trove of knowledge covering a vast landscape of economic concepts.



🎲 Step into our playful arena where learning meets fun! We've created over 50 interactive games that cover everything from microeconomics and behavioral economics to our specialty—market economics. Each game is not just a learning experience, but a journey into the heart of economics, made enjoyable and engaging. So, get ready to explore and enjoy!

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Surveys can be more than just questions—they're a gateway to understanding deeper economic insights. Our survey framework is a wonderland for instructors, offering flexibility and depth across various topics. Whether you're looking to craft your own survey or dive into our rich test-bank, our tools are perfect for those eager to experiment and explore. The ability to order questions and set unique paths makes it an ideal choice for those keen on conducting thorough student experiments.

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Imagine a world where games and surveys merge seamlessly, creating a rich learning experience—that's what our Modules are all about! Each module is a carefully curated blend of instruction, gameplay, debrief videos, and reflective surveys. They're not just educational tools but time-savers for instructors and a window to deeper understanding for students. Dive into our modules for an immersive experience that enlightens and engages.

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