Using the Student View

As an instructor, it's crucial to grasp how your students engage with MobLab experiments and access their Student Dashboard. Utilizing the Student View feature within the instructor console provides invaluable insight into how your games appear and function from the student's perspective. Moreover, it allows for experimentation with different treatment configurations.

  1. Navigate to the console and select "Student View."

This action will prompt a new tab to open in your browser. Once you initiate a game from the instructor tab, you'll immediately observe the session on the student side.

Take advantage of this feature to:

  • Incorporate robotic players to simulate various scenarios.
  • Analyze sample results to gauge student responses.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of how games seamlessly transition from the instructor's purview to the student's interface.

By actively exploring the Student View, you can enhance your teaching strategies and optimize the MobLab experience for your students.

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