Customizing and Running a Survey

Using Surveys lets you ask questions and quiz students from within the MobLab platform. As with all our games, it generates a results screen populated with data from all the students answers so you can easily see a summary of student responses.

Check out how to use MobLab’s Survey feature here:


Create a Survey

To create a survey, select the Surveys tab in the Library and add “Build Your Own Survey” from the library to your playlist.

Let’s build a sample survey. Click on the new survey in your Playlist to add and modify questions.


General Configurations for Survey

First, let's look at the General configurations for a survey. You can change your survey name. Renaming the survey helps keep you organized, but note that students do not see the Survey Name.

Allow Revisions permits students to move forward and backward within a survey. Note that once a survey has been submitted, no revisions are allowed, even when this box is checked. If Allow Revisions is unchecked, students can only move forward in a survey and cannot review past questions.

Reveal Answers will show students the correct answers to questions. This can be toggled on or off after a survey is finished if you would like students to be able to review questions and the correct answers.

Game Duration

Now let's look at Game Duration parameters. The two key components here are the Hours & Minutes which will specify how long the survey is to be made available to students. This can be as short as 1-2 minutes or as long as 48-72 hours (or more) for surveys run outside of class.

The Survey Duration per Player is how long (in seconds) students have to complete the survey once they've started. Our default value of '-1' means that students are allowed the full game duration to complete the survey. A value of 180 seconds would mean students have 3 minutes to complete the survey, though it may be available longer than that.



Question Ordering

Question ordering is a great way to run question-based experiments and allows you to specify different question orders for different groups. First, be sure you have questions in your survey to enable Question Ordering.

Students will be randomly assigned to different 'paths'. For example, if you specify 3 different paths, the first student will see questions specified in the first path, the 2nd student will see the questions in the 2nd path, the 3rd student will see the questions in the 3rd path, and the 4th student will see the questions in the 1st path again.

To add a new path, click the 'Add Path' option. Then within that text field, add the question numbers that should be exposed on that path. You can use ranges (such as 1-3) commas (such as 1, 2, 3), or some combination of both, to specify each path. 



Adding Questions

To add a question, click on “Add Question”.

You can choose from six different types of questions to use in the survey. You also have the option of adding an informational screen that allows you to post instructions or information students should know. The survey below has one of each question type plus an informational screen. 

Quickly reorder questions by dragging & dropping them on the Question List, copy a question using the copy button, preview a question using the eye button, or delete a question with the trashcan. 

Expand the question to add your question text, possible answers (and correct answers), and assign points. You can also Name the question for organizational purposes, though students don't see the question Name. 

Adding Media

Additionally, you can add either image files uploaded from your computer (such as .jpeg, .png, or .gif) or videos linked from YouTube or Vimeo to all question types. Images and videos will appear in the survey body beneath the question and above the input area. You can currently insert either an image or a video in a single question, but not both.

Adding an Image

To add an image, simply click +Media to find and select an image to upload from your computer, or drag and drop an image from your file browser to upload it.



Adding a Video

To add a video, select Video from the +Media field, copy a video URL from a supported video service (YouTube or Vimeo), and paste it into the Video URL field. You can use the Start at Time option to automatically start playback at a designated time in the video. Live streaming broadcasts are also supported by YouTube.









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