Using Modules

MobLab’s new lesson modules bundle our games, surveys, and lesson content by topic to help you easily implement experimental economics lessons in your classroom.

Here's everything you need to know about using Modules:

Module Interface

Module PowerPoints

Running Modules

Further Customization & Unlinking Modules


Module Interface

The module interface revolves around a bundle of activities in your playlist linked to an info page that provides quick access to an overview, materials, and actions relevant to the module.


Modules are available in your Library via the Modules tab. You can search for modules by name, subtitle, or category. Hover over a module card to view quick actions.

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Clicking Add will insert the module into a playlist of your choice. When a module is added to your playlist, it appears as a bundle of activities with the Info page at the top.


Clicking Info will show you the overview of the lesson plan with an estimated runtime and allow you to preview each interactive element of the module from a student perspective as well as their respective instructor guides and student instructions.



Clicking Guide will launch a module specific manual that briefly highlights teaching points and actions or steps needed to run the module in your class.



You may drag and drop the module cards and bundles onto and within the playlist as you can with any other Library item.drag:drop.gif


Module PowerPoints

The module PowerPoints are designed to exemplify a smooth flow between instructions, gameplay, results discussion, and concept review. Feel free to edit them to meet your classroom needs!



You can view the slides as-is using the PowerPoint Online Viewer or Download them to your computer.


Module PowerPoints contain action slides that prompt you to take action when you reach them:

Survey (Pre-game, Post-game, Concept Review)
 slides indicate that you should run the corresponding Survey in the module bundle.

Game Time!
slides indicate that you should run the corresponding Game in the module bundle.

Results Discussion
slides indicate that you should open the Results page corresponding to the game that was just played in order to present them.


Running Modules

To run a module in class, add it to a playlist, and open the PowerPoint slides. When you’re ready, start the presentation and run the module items one-by-one as you reach them.


run survey.png


Note: To automatically run or schedule an entire module bundle, please use Modules that are compatible with our Online Assignment Feature. These are denoted by the globe icon.



Further Customization & Unlinking Modules

Individual module activities can be customized to fit your class needs, but note that changing the activities from their defaults could cause them to no longer match the content presented in our slides.

You can also unlink a module to freely manage activities as normal playlist items. Once a module is unlinked, it cannot be relinked.


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