Canvas Administrators: Enabling MobLab integration for your institution

Enabling MobLab integration for your institution's Canvas LMS is simple using Canvas' inherited developer keys.

Step 1

In the Global Navigation sidebar, click Admin, then click on the root account you want to manage. (In this example screenshot, the root account name is "MobLab".)


Step 2

In the Account Navigation sidebar, click Developer Keys, then click on the Inherited tab.Screen_Shot_2019-01-03_at_10.49.18_AM.png

Step 3

Find the developer key for MobLab, then click ON to enable the key.Screen_Shot_2019-01-03_at_10.39.51_AM.png

Step 4

Email your Instructure LMS domain name to so we can add a record of your domain to our database. (In this example screenshot, the domain is "".)


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