MindTap from Cengage: Using the Gradebook

MobLab uses its own Gradebook to track and tabulate grades from individual games and surveys. Individual grades are aggregated into one column per each Playlist / MindTap activity, which can then be exported to the MindTap Gradebook.


Configuring Columns

After you launch a MobLab activity on MindTap and run a game or survey in the Playlist for the first time, a corresponding Gradebook column is automatically created.

Click on the Edit icon to configure the column.

You can select which individual activities to include in the grade calculation, which grade type to use, which session grouping to use, whether or not to drop the student’s lowest scores, and whether or not to auto-update (recalculate scores upon Gradebook launch).


Grade Type

Score (recommended for surveys)
For surveys, Score is the student’s cumulative score across surveys based on the number of points correct out of the number of points possible. By default survey questions are worth 10 points. This can be edited per question in the instructor console.

For games, Score is the student’s cumulative payoff points across all rounds. Depending on the game and session, Score may be positive, negative, or zero. Refer to the student instructions of each game for how payoff points are calculated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MindTap will only accept grades that are 0 or positive. If a Score is negative, it will export as 0 in MindTap. If the maximum Score within a Playlist is 0 or negative, it will set the point maximum of the activity as 1 in MindTap.


Participation (recommended for games)
Participation is a binary 0% / 100% grade for each activity depending on whether the student has completed at least one round of a game or one question of a survey. For example, if a student has participated in at least one round for 3/5 games, then the student would have a 60% participation score.

Borda Points
In some cases, i.e. to incentivize game play or offer extra credit, it is helpful to normalize student game scores. This option will award students points based on their payoff or score ranking within their group for a game. See the following table for an example:


Student Payoff
Group Rank
Borda Points Awarded


Session Grouping

Standard counts all games within the parameters of the created column.

Unique Activity Names
Games or Surveys with the same name will be counted as one session. Ideal for classes with multiple sections running the same activities.

Editing Grades

You can edit individual student grades by clicking on the Edit icon next to their grade.

In the edit window, you can:

  • Excuse Student: give the student the maximum possible score for the activity
  • Give Average: give the student the average score for the activity
  • Add Score: add or subtract points from the student’s base score
  • Comment: add a note about the student’s grade that’s only visible to you

When you’ve finished editing, press Save to keep your changes or close the window (X) to cancel them. Press Remove to clear all edits you’ve made and reset the student’s grade to its base score.


Syncing with MindTap

Click Export, then click Sync with MindTap to sync all grades from the MobLab Gradebook to the MindTap Gradebook.
When finished, you’ll see the following notification, and your student’s grades will be updated in your MindTap gradebook.
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