Getting Started on the MobLab App

Install our app

Visit this site to be directed to your app store to download MobLab. You may also use one of the direct links below:

Get it on Google Play


Signing in

After installing, open the MobLab app. When you see our welcome screen, sign-in with your existing account or create a new account.

Create a Student Account

If you’re creating a new account, please make sure to use the appropriate student email address from your school. If your school uses a Learning Management System such as Blackboard or Canvas, please make sure to use the email address that’s associated with your LMS.


After you sign up, you’ll need to verify your email address by clicking on the link in a verification email we send you. If you have trouble finding this email, please check your spam folder!

Adding a Class

If this is your first time using MobLab, you’ll need to add a class to begin playing. Tap the banner to add a class using the class code provided by your instructor.

If your instructor has invited you to his/her class via email, you’ll see a “Pending Class Invite” tile appear for their class. Tap on this tile to add it.

You’ll be prompted for payment or an access code.

Playing Activities

Once you’ve added your classes, active sessions will appear in the Sessions tab. Tap the session to join and play activities!

Reviewing Past Activities

In the Classes tab, tap on your class:


Then tap on a past playlist to view past activities and results:

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