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Only refer to this article if your instructor is using MobLab through Cengage's MindTap platform.


With MobLab, you learn economics by participating in interactive games. These MobLab activities can either be in-class activities or homework assignments. This article explains everything you need to know about accessing MobLab activities within your MindTap account. For more information on how to create a MindTap student account, or to log in to your existing MindTap account and on how to access your professor’s course, view the MindTap Student Guide.

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Accessing the MobLab Activities within your MindTap Account

The MobLab activities can be found on your MindTap learning path in a folder specified by your professor. Only click on a Moblab activity when you are ready to complete it. Some activities are timed i.e. they need to be completed within a specified time window once you started them. Your professor may have provided you with specific instructions in advance. After completing an activity, you will be able to see your personal payoff and scores.

Supported Browsers and Devices

To access the MobLab activities, log in to your MindTap account on an internet browser ( We recommend Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari.
  • If you are using Safari, it is necessary that you set your privacy preferences to allow cross-site tracking, see the steps outlined below.
  • If you are using a mobile device (phone, tablet), please view the specific instructions for accessing MobLab activities on a mobile device below.

Cross-Site Tracking

If you are using Safari, it is important you update your privacy preferences to allow cross-site tracking.

  • Safari on Laptops/Computers: In your Safari privacy settings, you'll need to disable "Prevent cross-site tracking". Make sure the option is unchecked in your Privacy preferences menu. If enabled, this option will prevent you from launching MobLab successfully, and you will see an error message or a login page instead.
  • Safari on a Mobile device: In order to successfully launch from MindTap to MobLab on the mobile Safari browser, you need to update your Privacy & Security Settings for Safari. Go to Settings > Safari, then scroll down to Privacy & Security and toggle it off "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking". 



Accessing MobLab activities on a Mobile Device

Accessing the MobLab activities from the MindTap mobile app is not supported. Instead, open a browser and log in to your account on the MindTap mobile website:

  • First Launch: If this is your first time accessing a MobLab activity on a mobile device, you will be prompted to download the MobLab App from the Google Play Store or App Store. If you are using an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) we recommend Safari. Be sure to check the browser settings as shown above.


  • Important: No registration is needed. Once you have installed the app, go back to the MindTap mobile website and click Launch.



After completing a Moblab activity, you will see a history screen with your personal payoff. The global results are only available to your instructor. Please view your course syllabus to learn how the MobLab activities count towards your grade. The points you earn from completing the MobLab activities do not immediately transfer to your MindTap grades or LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, D2L). The points will show up once they have been exported.

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