Using the MobLab App for MindTap Students (Cengage)

If your instructor is using MobLab through Cengage's MindTap platform, here is how you access MobLab activities on mobile devices.

NOTE: Launching MobLab on your smartphone or mobile device is only supported through the MindTap mobile website at this time. Launching from the MindTap mobile app is not supported!

First Launch

If this is your first time using MobLab through MindTap, you’ll need to install the MobLab app. Download our app from your device’s app store by visiting one of the following links.

Get it on Google Play

If you try to launch a MobLab activity on MindTap without our app, you’ll also be directed to your device’s app store to install the app. 

Playing Activities

Click on the activity in your MindTap Learning Path to open the MobLab launch page. Then, click on Launch to be directed to the MobLab app. You’ll be launched directly into the activity if it’s currently running.



 If the activity you launched is not currently running, you’ll see the Sessions dashboard with all running activities.

Switching Between Accounts

If you need to switch between using a standalone MobLab account and a Cengage MindTap linked account, you can do so by opening the Account drawer, clicking on the dot menu, and selecting the account you wish to use. The app will automatically switch to your Cengage linked account if you launch an activity from MindTap.


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