Taking Attendance

Taking attendance with MobLab is fast, easy, and accurate!

From the instructor console, you display a randomly generated, rotating numeric code to your students. They enter the code into their device to be marked as present. If they enter a wrong or expired code too many times, they’ll be marked absent.

Attendance is managed from the instructor console, located right below your class name:

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The summary page of Attendance gives you an overview of the attendance taken, gives a detailed review of the students attendance record, is where you initiate a new attendance, and is where you make any changes to your attendance settings. Make sure to check your Attendance settings to ensure it suits your class needs.

Attendance Settings
Take Attendance
Review Attendance History
Make Changes or Excuse Student Absences
The Student Experience


Attendance Settings

Before taking attendance, it is important to review your Attendance Settings. There are four main attendance settings you can configure:

Code cycle speed (in seconds). This is how fast or slow the attendance codes will cycle for students. A speed cycle of 15 seconds is just about right for a classroom setting. Smaller classes may consider a short cycle speed, while large lecture halls might want to allow a longer cycle speed.

Max attempts allowed. This is the number of attempts students can have at entering the correct attendance code. If students enter an incorrect or expired code beyond the max attempts allowed, they will be marked as absent. Our default is 3 allowed attempts.

Activity duration. Activity duration is how long the attendance taker will be active. The default duration is 5 minutes. We recommend setting more time than you think you’ll need as you can always finish taking attendance early, but you can’t add time once it has started.

Attendance 2.jpg

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Take Attendance

To take attendance, click on the Take Attendance button at the top-right of the Attendance screen. Select the Playlist in which you would like to take attendance. We recommend taking attendance in the Playlist you plan to use that day.

Upon selecting a Playlist, attendance will start running immediately. Make sure the attendance code is projected for your class. Students will log into their accounts and be prompted to join the session with Attendance running. They will have a set amount of time to enter the attendance code to mark themselves as present (or mark themselves as absent).

You will be able to see the time left in the attendance activity as well as the students who have marked themselves as present or absent, and the percentage of students on your roster that have participated.

You can wait for the Attendance to finish on its own when the timer runs out or you can finish the attendance early if most (or all) students have successfully marked themselves as present or absent. 

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Review Attendance History

After you’ve taken attendance, you can review your class’s attendance history by selecting and deselecting bars on the Attendance graph to display in the table below.

View past weeks by using the date selector above the graph. Hover over the attendance bar to see when attendance was taken and the count of present, absent, and excused students.

Clear the lower Attendance table by selecting Clear Grid on the far right. This does not delete the Attendance, but allows you to view other attendance items.

Search for specific students using the Search Bar at the bottom-left.

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Make Changes or Excuse Student Absences

To make changes to an Attendance item or excuse students, use the dropdown on the student record. You can update a student’s record to Present, Absent, or Excused.

Students marked as present and excused will receive full credit for the attendance item. Students marked as absent will not receive any credit. 

At this time, you cannot delete an attendance session. 



The Student Experience 

Students first need to log into their MobLab student accounts. Once Attendance is being taken, they will be able to join the Active Session. They’ll also see a timer on the Active Session indicating the amount of time left to mark themselves as Present.

In order to mark themselves as present, they need to enter the randomly generated, rotating numeric code and press the Submit button.  

Here is the student screen when a student has successfully marked themselves as Present:

If students enter an invalid code, they will be prompted to try again (up to as many attempts as you have allowed).

If they do not successfully mark themselves as Present, either because they have run out of time or they have too many failed attempts, they will be marked as absent:

Students can also proactively mark themselves as Absent if they are participating from home or somewhere other than the classroom. If this option is accidentally chosen, students can undo it:


Students who do not join the session will also be marked as absent, and they will not see a record of the attendance session in their student console.







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