Participating in MobLab Attendance

Your instructor may choose to use MobLab to take attendance in your class. It’s important to know how to successfully participate in attendance so you can accurately track your class attendance.

When prompted by your instructor, log into your MobLab student account. Your instructor display a randomly generated, rotating numeric code and will indicate which Active Session you should join. If you’re not sure, it will be the Active Session with the Attendance Timer in the lower-right corner:

Once you join the Active Session, you will be prompted to enter the code that is currently displayed by your instructor. It will look like this:

Enter the code on the screen into your device to mark yourself as Present. You must enter the code and press the submit button before the code refreshes, or else you will have to enter a new code. If you are too late, you may be given a second or third attempt at entering the correct code. If you have too many failed attempts, you will be marked as Absent.

When you have successfully marked yourself as Present, you’ll see this screen. Wait here for the next activity to begin:

If you enter an invalid code, you will be prompted to try again (up to as many attempts as your instructor has allowed):

If you do not successfully mark yourself as Present, either because you have run out of time or have too many failed attempts, you will be marked as absent:

You can also proactively mark yourself as Absent if you are participating from home or somewhere other than the classroom. If this option is accidentally chosen, you can choose to undo it:






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