Harvard Business Publishing: Student Guide for MobLab All Access

MobLab provides games, experiments, and surveys for learning topics in economics, business, strategy, and other social science fields. 

Here's how to participate in MobLab experiments if your instructor has chosen to use MobLab All Access on Harvard Business Publishing's platform:

Note that you must participate using a web browser.

Access the MobLab student console by clicking the Run Simulation link from your HBP Coursepack.



Join an Active Session by clicking on the session card


If there are no active sessions, you may need to refresh the student console or wait for an instructor to start a session.


Upon joining a game, you will be randomly matched with other students to start playing. Remember to watch the timer and submit a move within the time limit!


If an instructor has started the session, but not yet begun the same, you will see a waiting screen:


You can stay here and your screen will automatically refresh when the game or survey begins.

If you get logged out or accidentally leave a game, you can rejoin the session anytime by clicking on the session card.

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