How to Copy a Class

Save valuable time with the Copy Class feature...

Use MobLab’s Copy Class tool to duplicate all playlists from a class you previously used. You will be able to include or omit specific playlist games, homework assignments, and surveys. 
First, select the three vertical dots to the right of your class name in the instructor console. Then, select Copy Class at the bottom of the dropdown menu. 

How to Include/Omit Content

The Copy Class pop-up window will appear. Type the new name of your copied class in the Class Name field. Choose which activities you would like to include to be copied on the right. If you want to copy all of your current playlists (i.e. all of your current games and surveys), you can select the Copy Playlist Schedule checkbox on the bottom left. 

If you use MobLab under a department or institutional license, you can insert that code into the License field. If you do not know your license code, you can reach out to When finished, select the blue Copy Class button at the bottom of the Copy Class pop-up window. 
You will then be presented with another pop-up window asking if you want to navigate to the copied class. Select the blue OK button. 
Your copied class will now appear in the list of your Classes.
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