Viewing Your Game/ Participation History

To see your participation history on the student console, log into your MobLab account. On the left side of your screen, there is a bold heading labeled ‘Class History’. The list of classes that you are enrolled in are beneath this heading. 

Click on the class that you want to view. In the center portion of the console, the participation information will appear. Under the ‘Session’ column, you will see the names of the playlists you participated in. Each playlist may have contained multiple games or surveys. The other column is your ‘Total Payoff’. This is the cumulative payoff from participating in each playlist. Note: there may be large variation in payoffs among playlists, since the payoff structure and magnitude varies from game to game.


Click on the small arrow that is to the left of your class name. A drop-down list of all of the playlists shown in the class history will appear. Click on one of the available playlist options to view the history. On your center console, a list of all of the games played for that playlist are displayed. 


You will see the name of each game or survey played, your payoff, and you are able to view your saved game history by clicking the ‘View Results’ button.

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