MobLab Gradebook

Track student scores and participation using the MobLab Gradebook.

Set Up Your Gradebook

When you first enter your gradebook, select to Auto-create a column for each playlist, which will calculate the participation record for students for each playlist played so far. Alternatively, create a custom gradebook column by pressing the Grey + button on the far-right. You can always edit, update, or delete your gradebook columns.

To adjust your gradebook settings, click on the gear icon next to the Gradebook label at the top of the page.

There are four main settings you can customize in your gradebook:

Auto-Update columns will recalculate your gradebook columns automatically if scores are adjusted on your surveys and quizzes. You can turn this off for individual columns by clicking on the pencil icon next to the column name and turning off Auto-Update for that column.

Auto-Create columns for new playlists will create a new gradebook column for each playlist that is created and played with students. Note that creating a new Playlist and moving a game or survey from an older Playlist will not result in a new gradebook column.  

Show Students their personal scores will allow students to see their own MobLab gradebook scores on their Student Console, under the Dashboard. Students will always be able to see their raw game and survey scores, but showing students their personal scores will show any excused assignments or extra credit.


Show Students the class averages will allow students to see how their scores are relative to the average of the class. 


Please review our recommendations on grading MobLab games and surveys.


Customize your Gradebook Columns

Once you have a few columns set up, you can customize individual columns by clicking on the pencil icon that appears when you hover over the gradebook column.


This will open a dialog box that allows further customization of the gradebook column, including the column name, the grade type, the grouping of activities, dropping the lowest score of a series, and whether or not to auto-update the column:

After making any changes, be sure to Save the column customization. Or to remove a column, click the Delete button.


Grade Type

The different types of grades in MobLab are:

Participation: By default a participation score is added to your MobLab Gradebook. This is a 0% -100%. For example, if a student has completed 3/5 games and surveys run, the student would have 60% participation score. Continue to add activates to this column and sync with LMS to reflect the most accurate score.

Borda Points: In some cases, i.e. to incentivize game play or offer extra credit, it is helpful to normalize student game scores. The borda points will rank students from highest to lowest based on their scores in the game. Students that are tied earn the highest rate. Ex. If students in the game earn 22, 26, 22, and 20 points, these students will get, 3, 4, 3, and 1 borda points.

Score: Score is a great measure for accuracy in surveys/quizzes. By default survey questions are worth 10 points. This can be edited per question in the instructor console. For games, Score is based on the player's "payoff" points which differs per game. Review how we calculate payoff in the student instructions of each game.


Session Grouping

Standard Session Grouping Explained: Standard counts all games within the parameters of the created column.

Unique Activity Names Session Grouping Explained: Games or Surveys with the same name will be counted as one session. Ideal for classes with multiple sections running the same activities.

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