Harvard Business Publishing: Instructor Guide for Single Simulations

Thank you for reviewing how to access MobLab games and simulations through the Harvard Business Publishing platform. There are a few important things to know once you've added a MobLab simulation to your CoursePack and you're ready to launch the simulation.


1. Students can participate on any modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. While we do have a smartphone app for iOS and Android, MobLab simulations on the Harvard Business Publishing site cannot use the app. Ask your students to come to class prepared with a charged computer and an up-to-date browser. 

2. When you launch the MobLab simulation from your CoursePack, you're taken to the MobLab instructor console and the purchased simulation. We recommend you review the Teaching Notes from the Harvard Business Publishing platform, but you can also view the Game Guide and the Game Instructions.

3. Preview the game before class. Prior to running the game with students, use the Teaching Notes and the Preview feature on MobLab simulations to review the game and any changes you may want to make to the game configuration. Review our article on how to Preview Games.

4. Reviewing the game instructions with students. The Game Instructions are not behind a login wall and the URL can be shared with your students prior to playing the simulation or can be displayed in class. Most games are better when everyone knows the rules (the data will be better too). 

5. When you're ready to begin (or a few minutes before), press the Run Game button. This will open the simulation for students to join, but it hasn't started yet! When a majority of your students have joined, press the Begin button at the bottom of the screen. Review our Starting a Game article for more details. 

6. Replay or Copy a game to repeat the simulation. There are a few key differences between replaying a game and copying a game. For full details review our article on the Replay Options or refer to the simulation's Teaching Note.


A few other details may come in handy when running MobLab simulations:

End a Game Early - In some cases, you may want to end a game early (students make their decisions quickly, or class time is running out). All partial data is saved, so there is no harm in ending a game early. Plus, you can always copy or replay the game later.  

Student Scoreboard and Lottery - There is no better way to get students motivated than to show them to the top performers! The scoreboard allows you to highlight just the top players and run a lottery based on student performance in a game.

Game Mode vs. Practice Mode - This checkbox appears on all our games. If the grades or participation in a game are important for a class, but you want to give students some practice, toggle the Practice Mode on and students won't be docked points for their performance.

The MobLab Gradebook makes it easy to track student participation in a MobLab simulation. 


Most importantly, have fun! These games are designed to make your students think critically about what decisions they made and why, often leading to worthwhile and interesting class conversations. If you have any questions, we're here to help. Feel free to reach out to support@moblab.com with any questions or concerns.


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